In a recent interview with Globe Magazine Gibraltar, Dheeraj, owner of La Parrilla On the Go!, shares insights into the past 13 years, revealing what sets his restaurant apart in Gibraltar’s takeaway food scene.

Distinctive Flavors, Diverse Palates:

Dheeraj explores the art of blending Oriental and Indian cuisines, crafting a menu that resonates with Gibraltar’s diverse palates. Discover the secrets behind each dish that makes La Parrilla On the Go! a standout choice. Setting Apart from the Rest: Learn about the unique elements that contribute to La Parrilla On the Go!‘s success – from meticulous ingredient selection to a dedication to authenticity. Explore why it stands out in Gibraltar’s culinary landscape.

The Future of Culinary Excellence:

Dheeraj shares his vision for the brand, offering a glimpse into upcoming ventures that promise to redefine Gibraltar’s culinary experience. For the full interview and an in-depth exploration of La Parrilla On the Go!’s journey, visit Globe Magazine Gibraltar.

Celebrate 13 years of excellence with us – where every meal is a masterpiece, and every customer is family.


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