|| In Splendid Isolation || 

Some 8,200km from Gibraltar, southern India’s great region is a wild untamed cultural proximity. But so vibrant and Flavoursome is its cuisine that India’s influence and big players are going out of their way to move this rich idea to the European region. And we have it right here on the rock – delicately served at La Parrilla Wholesome @ Forbes.



An innovative concept from Chef Himanshu, at The La Parrilla branch of Forbes combines the flavors of India and China to create a breakthrough restaurant experience that encompasses both authentic dishes and inspired new favorites with sublime coffee at its forefront.

Seal of Approval

Europeans like a crispy texture to their food and enjoy richer, dense sauces with heavy spices which is dynamically wholesome. 

The fusion and innovation to the local food scene has given us the opportunity to pioneer this cuisine daily and serve it directly to your doorsteps. Our ideas have proved prolific and we will continue to showcase these ideas. I hope to see you all around soon.

We all look to redefine moments and shape history, create moments to last a lifetime, and that is exactly what La Parrilla Wholesome is

Quality Food

We prioritize using fresh, premium ingredients to create dishes that exceed expectations. Our skilled chefs carefully select and prepare each ingredient, resulting in flavorful and satisfying meals.

Super Taste

Prepare for a culinary journey like no other. Our chefs expertly blend flavors, creating dishes that burst with incredible taste and leave you craving for more.

Fast Delivery

Enjoy the convenience of our fast and efficient delivery service. We ensure your order is promptly prepared and delivered hot and fresh to your doorstep, saving you time without compromising on quality.