Wholesome has recently opened its doors in September, introducing a unique blend of Indo-Oriental cuisine that promises a flavorful journey for the active, busy individual.

Our restaurant located at Devils Tower Road 19 in the Forbes Building, offers a haven for those seeking a quick, yet wholesome dining experience. 

Just a 5-minute walk from East Beach, we bring the convenience of wholesome goodness to your doorstep through Rock Hero delivery and easy online orders.

Culinary Excellence with Indian Authenticity:

At La Parrilla Wholesome, our chefs, hailing from India with decades of culinary expertise, have been an integral part of Gibraltar’s dining scene for 13 years. This deep-rooted experience allows us to serve the very best of Indian authenticity, thoughtfully adjusted to suit local tastes. 

A Gourmet Menu for the Active Lifestyle: 

Indulge in our diverse menu that spans Indo-Oriental delights, featuring a tantalizing array of Indian flavors. From our freshly pressed juices and artisan coffees by Delta to protein shakes and mouthwatering smoothies, every dish is crafted to cater to the active individual who values both time and quality. 

Dine-in Experience at La Parrilla Wholesome: 

Setting us apart from our counterpart, La Parrilla On the Go!, our new establishment welcomes you to a cozy dine-in experience. Revel in the vibrant ambiance as you savor flavorful, fresh, and healthy dishes without compromising on time or price. 

Order with Ease: 

For those on the go, we’ve made ordering seamless. La Parrilla Wholesome is listed on Rock Hero for swift delivery, and our website allows you to place orders effortlessly.

Experience the fusion of tradition and innovation at La Parrilla Wholesome, where Indo-Oriental cuisine meets the vibrant spirit of Gibraltar. Indulge in the richness of Indian flavors, all while enjoying the convenience of our prime location and various ordering options. Join us on a gastronomic journey that harmonizes authenticity, health, and efficiency. La Parrilla Wholesome – designed for the active busy individual!

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